Ikari Shops
Shop Local, Simplified.

Buy local, delivered to your door

ikari connects small local businesses and consumers together via powerful, built-in tools that enable local shops to compete with big-box stores – and thrive in an ever-shifting economy.

Local Consumers
Join the #ShopLocal movement and help your community thrive by supporting local small businesses.

Local Contractors
Become an ikari local contractor and earn while helping your community.

Grow your business with ikari. More customers are shopping online than ever – gain an online presence that allows you to be where customers are.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for a virtual shop on ikari.
  2. Add your products and branding.
  3. When a purchase is made, the customer can pick it up in-store or have ikari local contractors deliver the product (within 1 – 3 hours).

With ikari, local consumers can shop via browser or the mobile app (Android and iOS), and you receive instant payouts.

iKari is the simplest way to compete with big-box retailers

ikari is the answer to the question, “how can small businesses compete with the big retailers?”

As big-box retailers like Amazon rapidly expand their reach and grow revenues, much smaller, local retailers are unable to compete in current economic conditions. Each passing day, more consumers opt for online shopping because of the convenience of not leaving their homes and fast shipping.

Thankfully, local small businesses can now offer the same convenience and fast shipping offered by mega-retailers through ikari. When a company becomes part of our platform, local consumers can easily order products with the option of in-store pickup or delivery. ikari handles all deliveries and helps ensure customers know how to proceed.


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