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About Us

Empowering local small business retailers to thrive in an ever-shifting economy

iKari is a platform that empowers local companies to compete with big-box retailers by connecting people with small businesses in their communities. In doing so, we also generate new ways for local community residents to work and earn income.
Local consumers

Support your local community. Many notable benefits come from supporting small businesses in your locality. Like you, local businesses care about the well-being of your community and its future. Shopping local helps build and keep local communities thriving and creates jobs for consumers like you.

Local Shopkeepers

Connect and sell to customers online. ikari puts your small business within reach, at the fingertips of consumers, connecting you with possibilities — more sales and a stronger community now and well into the future. We facilitate the in-store pickup and delivery of your retail products to customers; hassle-free, typically within one to three hours.

Local Contractors

Put your talents to a great cause, transform your business or service, and earn income through ikari. Local contractors help small businesses maintain their virtual shops and provide essential services. You get total flexibility to work on your terms.

Save small business retailers & help them thrive in the modern consumer economy.

Doing the right thing for local communities just got easier. The convenience of big box stores and large online retailers like Amazon is very appealing – especially for those that cannot or prefer not to leave their homes. ikarishops.com makes it easy for anyone to find the product they want from local businesses and have it delivered straight to their home. At ikari, consumers enjoy ultra-convenience, and local small businesses gain more exposure, with everyone helping to support each other through collective activities.