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What is the “shop local” movement?

#ShopLocal is a growing movement across Canada and other parts of the world, prevalent among consumers on and off social media. It’s a rallying cry to buy local to keep communities thriving. The movement inspired ikari’s founders to create a functioning eCommerce system; purpose-built for small business retailers in local communities. The #ShopLocal movement educates consumers about the difference that local small businesses make in their communities – uniting everyone to take on big-box stores together.

Local matters
There’s evidence of the shop local movement in practically every community across Canada because it has never been more vital and valuable for small businesses than today. One Leger survey found that more Canadians are buying local products to support communities across the country. People recognize that small businesses in local communities are the engine that will pull the Canadian economy through any crisis. Resilient communities are impossible without resilient small businesses.

How iKari is healing communities
ikari communities benefit from a shift in consumer purchase preferences. Our eCommerce platform helps keep some of the money that is currently leaving our communities to fill the coffers of large retail chains here, at home instead. ikari is the support local business owners and their employees need right now.

Keep it in your community
When you shop locally, whether through ikarishops.com or by going to local stores, you are keeping your money in the community, where it belongs. Small businesses in your community can then increase spending or investments in the local market, causing a snowball effect that benefits everyone.