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There’s value in having healthier communities

ikari provides a platform that helps small local retailers compete with the convenience of big-box chains and other online retailers. Our platform evens the playing field for local mom-and-pop or brick-and-mortar shops by enabling these “Shopkeepers” to succeed despite current circumstances. Each Shopkeeper is provided with a virtual store on our platform that features their products. ikari facilitates transactions, communication between customers and Shopkeepers, product pickup, and delivery.
Part of what makes ikari unique is that local consumers who shop on our website are only presented with Shopkeepers in their community. When consumers purchase through ikari, Shopkeepers receive immediate payment along with the customer’s required details and preferred mode of fulfillment (delivery, or in-store or curbside pickup).
Now local consumers can experience the convenience offered by Amazon and Walmart while supporting their communities.

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