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Local Consumers

Who are our local consumers?

Our local consumers believe in supporting their communities by shopping at locally-owned retailers instead of national or international store chains. These people know that local small businesses are the economic engine that keeps the wheels spinning and refuse to abandon them in uncertain times.

How are they making a difference?

Local consumers are keeping small businesses alive. In recent years, leading eCommerce giants have altered the shopping experience – from easy one-click buys to one-day delivery, shoppers flock to these brands. That’s one of the reasons Amazon earned more than 96 billion dollars in 2020 amid the pandemic. Our local consumers showed overwhelming support for small businesses throughout the early stages of COVID-19. They continue to do so even though many local small businesses can’t match big-box stores’ convenience.

What can they expect?

On ikarishops.com, local consumers enjoy convenience and ultra-fast delivery times for purchases made through the platform. You can obtain your order via curbside pick up or have it delivered right to your doorstep within hours through our delivery system. People are also more connected with local shops on the platform, enabling relationship building between shopkeepers and consumers.