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Local Contractors

Work with iKari to support local small businesses

Earn cash by helping small businesses in your area either through delivering orders or offering professional services. You set the terms. Flexible working schedule. Fast payouts.

Make money while helping your community
Offer your services

Help ikari Shopkeepers support and maintain their virtual shops as an independent local contractor. Our Shopkeepers often require marketing and other professional services, which creates regular opportunities for contractors.

Deliver locally with iKari

Pickup and deliver orders to customers, and get paid for your time – all while enjoying the sights your city has to offer. The distance to travel is minimal, local, and our process is straightforward. Local delivery contractors can track earnings via the delivery app and receive weekly payments.

Local contractor requirements

You may need the following as a local contractor.

  • Your company or organization name.
  • The list of services you offer.
  • Your location.

You’ll need the following if you’re delivering with ikari.

  • A valid driver’s license
  • According to your province, you must meet the legal age requirements and be eligible to work (proof required).
  • Proof of vehicle insurance and registration required.