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Helping local small businesses succeed while adding value to peoples lives through seamless product delivery and pick up

ikari provides solutions that help local small retail companies and consumers strengthen their communities and drive income together.

How does the marketplace work?

ikari provides the technology necessary for local shops to operate online and works with third-party contractors to deliver goods to consumers on behalf of small businesses – and provide support through services. We also offer marketing support strategies to help promote the sale of goods through the marketplace, such as stock content and specific systems or templates. This allows our Shopkeepers to tap into the power of modern advertising to reach a larger percentage of potential buyers, reaching new levels of profitability.

Why local small businesses love iKari

Sales growth

Gain an additional revenue stream through ikari. You get a simple platform to sell your products without hassle.

More customers

Get your shop noticed by a wide range of “ShopLocal” supporters.

Online presence

Featuring your small business on the ikari website  will boost online exposure, awareness, and search engine traffic.

Order fulfillment

When customers purchase via ikari, they can conveniently pick up the product from your store or get connected with one of our contractors for same-day delivery – usually within two hours.

Ready to join the marketplace?

Our innovative customer and merchant-focused solution improve local small business and community success through transformation. iKari provides the tools companies require to serve and add value to their communities. We enhance the customer, Shopkeeper, and local contractor experience by securing means, centralizing information, and communication.