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Heroes come in many forms

At ikari, we believe local small business owners are the backbone of Canada’s economy – the role entrepreneurs play is invaluable to society.
Who are ShopKeepers?

An Shopkeeper is someone that, through operating a business, helps keep the community thriving. Every small business helps a particular aspect of their local community, such as job creation and feeding tax revenue into the system. ikari can help these businesses continue to benefit their communities by enabling them to compete with the convenience of big-box stores & online retailers.

Save your shop

As big-box store revenues rise, local small businesses are struggling to keep the doors open. At the same time, many Canadians want to shop local, but not all companies have the means to offer online purchases and delivery. With ikari, you get all the eCommerce tools required to widen your reach without direct competition from other stores. You can unleash your full potential.

Fight Back. Work together.

You’ve put a lot of hard work and sacrifice to sustain your retail company, and the current business landscape places all of that at risk. At iKari, we believe that local small businesses are stronger together. Our Shopkeepers are part of many companies and residents’ collective efforts to keep local communities healthy and safe during these troubling times.

Your very own space

When you become a Shopkeeper, the provided customer-facing app and website content are optimized to reflect your brand and target audience. Every consumer on our platform also has a tailored profile to match preferences, allowing for faster transactions and a smooth, convenient buying process. You can easily manage your inventory, marketing, workflow, track sales, and answer questions from prospects – all within ikari.

Expand your local reach.

iKari is accessible via almost any web browser. That means signing up for ikari expands your reach instantly, allowing local consumers to find your shop using any device. Consumers want to #ShopLocal to help alleviate the ongoing challenges small businesses face due to the current business climate.

Pay only for successful transactions and no hidden fees

Current providers with similar models are full of hidden fees and high costs (monthly and per transaction), taking too much from brick-and-mortar stores. ikari only charges you for successful transactions – you can enjoy a small, manageable transaction fee of around two percent – and a monthly fee that will never exceed $100.


Are you ready to level up your sales?

ikari is a simple to use and entirely managed system with the smallest possible fees, built for local small business retailers like you.